Running out of time!

April 30, 2008 lizzie

I have 6 weekends left here in Korea! Six weeks!!!!! And they’re already full!

I’m starting to realize how much I won’t get done here before I leave, which will make leaving here hard. I think I’m going to miss Korea and all it’s wackiness. One of the things I can’t believe I haven’t done yet is watch some Bboy. It’s basically break dancing but Korea is the World Champion in Bboy competitions. They have them on TV all the time but I haven’t made it down to see the competitions live yet and I really should.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check out this youtube which has some of the champions doing an amazing routine to Pachelbel’s Canon as played on the Gyageum (a traditional korean instrument):



Mum is coming to visit soon, and I hope she is ready……She gets to help me cross some things off my list! Top of that list is staying in a Hanok (traditional guesthouse) in the city center. There is a lot to see downtown but so hard to get there and back that I don’t often go. However, if we’re staying there, we should get to see a lot of stuff.

Then there’s Suwon fortress maybe, or Nawamsol traditional village, the Seoul Tower. Plus all the things that I already love about here like Namhansanseong mountain, Galbi restaurants, and saunas. I think this will be a great way of finishing up my life here.


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