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Marshall proposed!!!!

I’m so excited! This is just a super fast post to let out the news one more time. I do have some great photos to put up here but I need the right program to resize them. Sorry!

In the meantime, I’m going to be Mrs. Hudson!!!!!


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I just had the BEST weekend! First of all, I was thoroughly committed to my training and was up at 7:30 on Saturday morning and on the running track by 8. That’s dedication! I did the longest run I’ve done so far (20 min.) and was really excited by it. Then, I had a great breakfast with eggs, potatoes, onions and headed into Itaewon with Abigail. We enjoyed a leisurely coffee at Starbucks and then we were off to belly dancing. I know.

Abigail had heard about this class so we decided to give it a go. It wasn’t the best work out but it was a ton of fun. Workouts that just make you laugh are wonderful. And who wouldn’t laugh? Turns out my hips don’t shimmy! and the big body shimmy’s make everything shake and jiggle that normally you try to hide. It was fun to be proud of your body and let it all hang out. We decided that we will go for a 2 hour class next Saturday. The location is interesting. We had to be led there by a lady in the shop that organizes it and I’m just hoping that next week we’ll be able to find it.


It was also a gorgeous day on Saturday. Still some chill in the air and if the wind got you, it was freezing. But! The sun was out and my Scottish instincts kicked in finding us a place to eat outside that was sheltered from the wind.

After lunch it was off to see the LA Galaxy (that’s David Beckham’s team) play Seoul. Again, sitting in the sun, watching football, drinking beer.

p3010063.jpgp3010065.jpgp3010068.jpgp3010069.jpgsee? that’s Beckham taking a penalty kick!


Finally, I headed home, watched the newest Lost episode and chatted with Marshall. I was so happy!

Sunday was a bunch of laziness – coffee shops, reading, movies. It was so nice.

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