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3 hours and 15 minutes

That’s how long it is until I am on Christmas vacation! We sang Christmas carols this morning, we had a special Christmas lunch and now it’s just finishing off any crafts.

The lunches at this time of year are amazing. The parents are in charge of the lunch for each class and they eat with their children. But remember, these are not ordinary parents. Most of the food is catered (mothers don’t cook) and is a full 3 course buffet. There are over 100 cars outside (BMW’s, Mercedes, Lincolns, Lexus, Bentley’s) all with their driver waiting patiently for the mother to call and send them on an errand to get more napkins, or maybe some extra forks, or just to come inside and take the child’s bag back to the car for later. When it’s time to go, it’s like a valet service. Call the driver and a few minutes later they will navigate their way to the front of the school.

Pretty amazing.

I am really looking forward to my vacation this year. My first one away from home, which will be hard, but I really need the break. 2007 was a hard year and I am looking forward to relaxing in the last 2 weeks of it before celebrating the start of a new (and hopefully fun, drama free) year. Merry Christmas to everyone else and I hope you get some time to relax!


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Dec. 13th

Happy Birthday John!

This week is much better. John’s best friends Mechum and Kiyomi flew in for the weekend and Marshall came too. We had a really great celebration on Sunday. All the teachers turned out for a soccer game followed by a Thai dinner. We had T-shirts made to commemorate our Egerton Cup and the day was full of laughing (with a few tears thrown in). Coming back to school on Monday was so much more positive and I think we have all reached the stage where we are no longer crying, we just have heavy hearts when we think about him. Below is the eulogy that Robyn, Leah and I read at his memorial service. I sent it to his family as they prepare for their own services this coming Saturday now that his remains have been sent home. eulogy.doc

As for the rest of us, we are planning our Christmas staff dinner tomorrow night, our plans for our last weekend before the vacation (mine includes going to see a Korean Opera) and packing for vacations. I am looking forward to this holiday and was very excited to get a parcel from mum and dad with presents! Thank you!!

John and MeJohnWhy he was suited to JKEgerton Cup068.jpgwhole-soccer-team.jpg

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Tough Week

This has been an extremely difficult and sad week so far. On Saturday evening a good friend of mine John Egerton was killed in a motorcycle accident here in Seoul. He and I had become close this year, especially after travelling a little together this summer. He had even visited Scotland with me. I was extremely lucky to have spend Saturday afternoon with him, cooking lunch together and watching TV. It was nothing momentous, just hanging out and I can only be grateful that I had this time with him. When I left, he gave me a hug and said he would call me later. Unfortunately due to the problems of being in a foreign country, we didn’t find out what had happened until early Sunday morning. It was a weird day and I can only be glad that I was here with all of John’s friends. We spent most of the day together crying and remembering him. We know that he had many, many friends around the world, including Marshall and Denise who I’ve mentioned many times before. I feel very sorry for those people who have to mourn this alone. While it is extremely difficult being here, I know that everyone here is supporting each other. I can burst into tears, I can suddenly get angry and no one will think bad of me. We are also helping each other through the grief by sharing stories and helping each other to remember the good things about John. He really was the life of the party and had done some amazing things in his life. Just last summer he visited 13 countries in 6 weeks! Another very close friend of his Leah, and I went into his apartment yesterday to get some photos and to say goodbye. It was extremely hard but it was something I’m so glad that I did.  We are having a school memorial service this Thursday and I will be reading the eulogy. Then on Sunday we are having a soccer game (his favorite sport) and drinking car bombs (his favorite drink). I’m hoping that by Sunday, I will be ready to just laugh and enjoy all the stories we will be sharing. Until that point though, I’m just getting through the day.


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