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I need all the luck I can get!

A late happy thanksgiving to all!!! Any surprise that I went to Hong Kong for my long weekend? I didn’t get a turkey dinner but I do think I may have gotten a job. Please keep your fingers crossed! I had two interviews this last weekend. One at Hong Kong Academy (went well, not sure if he could justify a full time position) and the other at Renaissance College. I had visited this school before and met with the head of ESL (EAL in Hong Kong). This time I met with the principal whose wife works with Marshall. It went so well! We just clicked on a lot of issues and I got a tour of this fantastic school which includes bicycles for the young students (PE includes learning to ride a bike), a coffee shop in the playground where you can get cappuccino’s and latte’s, a black box theatre, sound proof music rooms, and amazing big classrooms with open, shared areas in between. It finished with him telling me to make sure I had my CV with his secretary and that he would call me in January when he does all his hiring. I’m hoping this all works!!!!


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Give me an S, P, I, R, I, T!!!!

So……somehow I became the JV cheerleading coach. I know that I am full of spirit and a natural cheer master but somehow I still feel a little awkward with these girls. Especially since they told me that they don’t want to work out because then they would get muscles. Apparently one girl did ballet once and got some muscles that were ‘gross’ (we’re in Korea remember).  We’ve been practicing our fabulous cheers for the last few weeks and today we had our first game. It went pretty well and I felt suprisingly like a mother hen watching them all. I even took notes! The boys basketball team and girls basketball team that we were cheering for, each won their games. Little pat on the head for me because I’m sure it was our wonderful shouting and clapping that made the difference. Did I mention…….R-O-W-D-I-E THAT’S THE WAY WE SPELL ROWDIE. ROWDIE. (clap, clap) ROWDIE!!!! GO TIGERS!!!

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It’s officially winter! I got to school this morning to find our little fish pond frozen over. It’s only 34 degrees and I had second recess (that’s a half hour outside overseeing the little ones). I can’t wait to get to Hong Kong where it’s 72. Only 3 days to go!

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A booty shakin’ good time

What a weekend! Friday night I went to see…….ready?……..Beyonce The Experience!

Yes, she was in Seoul this weekend and we decided that we had to see her. It was so much fun! One of the things that is really cool about her show is that she has an all female band. It’s all big, black women up there, shakin’ away. That is an especially unique thing here in Korea – a culture that is obsessed with being skinny and white. But, the stadium  was packed and everyone had a great time. Now, I was one of the many who had to pay for my ticket but we had some teachers who were enjoying amazing seats near the front thanks to some grateful parents. Hmmm…what do I need to do for that??

The next morning I was up bright and early – 7:15 on a Saturday morning! My ESL department had breakfast reservations at the Hyatt Hotel for 8:30. Our school gives us $20 per person to have a team dinner so my ESL department decided to use our money on a great breakfast. The big international hotels here are famous for their breakfast buffets. If you go at the normal brunch time i.e. at 10:30 or later, you will pay 50-90 dollars depending on the hotel. However, at the Hyatt, if you go early, you can get the exact same buffet breakfast for only 27 dollars. I was definitely willing to pitch in $7 of my own money in order to enjoy good eggs, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, omelettes, cereals, juices, fish, waffles, pancakes, coffee…….and a million other things that I can’t even think about without getting full.

That evening, after a shopping trip in Itaewon where the hotel was, I started baking. We had a surprise 30th birthday party for a friend. It was a potluck, as most of our things are, and I decided to try making an apple crumble pie. The party was a lot of fun and Abigail had no idea about the party. It was great!

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Exciting Weekend!

Now I know you were all on the edge of your seats anxiously awaiting my photos of the halloween party. Don’t worry! They’re here!

In case you can’t figure it out, I was dressed as Paris Hilton in prison (I even made a prison outfit for a tiny stuffed dog!).  But have a look at who else came………

halloween-061.jpgFirst, we have the lovely Britney Spears, coffee and cigarettes in hand.

halloween-057.jpgNext we have Marvin the Martian who later morphed into…..

halloween-026.jpgthe mild mannered Clark Kent/Superman. Hero complex?

halloween-067.jpgA Korean policeman was there to make sure things didn’t get too carried away.

halloween-055.jpgA professor and his “student” caused a bit of a stir.

halloween-077.jpgBounty hunter Dog and his missus

halloween-062.jpgA couple of tourists got lost trying to find Jeju -Do island.

halloween-068.jpgA pair of walking palm trees provided a nice relaxation spot.

halloween-071.jpgThen this Mexican and his horse arrived (that’s a real person dressed as the horse by the way).

halloween-084.jpgBruce lee and his noodles of death made an appearance (no idea who the guy on the far left is).

pumpkin-robyn.jpgAn 80’s pumpkin anyone?

halloween-091.jpgA neanderthal couple arrived too.

Now for the more obscure costumes.

Take a guess at each of these, I’ll put the answers at the bottom!










halloween-081.jpg (bonus points for this one I think)

Answers: A – bubblegum on the bottom of a shoe   B – “All eyes on me as I get lit up”

C -Gargamel (evildoer from Smurfs)  D-Dick in a box (from Saturday night live)  E- Karate Kid (remember he dresses as the shower so the gang won’t beat him up?)

Well done to all who got any points at all!

Now just a few more photos of good times.


This was a big night for most of us – we just had parent teacher conferences and needed to blow off some steam, so we headed to the Noraebong for the last part of the night. That’s the place where you do your own group karaoke. I know it doesn’t sound too cool, and it probably doesn’t even look too cool in these photos but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It’s a blast!

halloween-028.jpghalloween-030.jpghalloween-049.jpg (I know it looks like a big white screen but I swear – the words were on this screen!)

me-and-real-dog.jpgI even found a real life miniature dog to complete my outfit!

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