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It’s Halloween!!! First grade is the best grade to teach on these days. There are some very cute costumes – power rangers, pirates, wizards, fairies. But don’t worry, our team joined in the fun dressed as the SIS Tigers!


Hopefully I’ll have some more halloween photos for you shortly. Our staff, adults only party is on Saturday. We’re a creative bunch so it should be fun!


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Fall climbing

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous! Temperature in the mid 60’s and not a cloud in the sky. We headed up to Namhansanseong mountain nearby to go climbing and admire the fall colors. The leaves are at that stage where most are yellow and orange and then suddenly you’ll see a bright red tree almost glowing among them. The climbing was beautiful and I was really chuffed at how I did. With Marshall and Denise gone, I have become the person who has to lead the climbs and it’s forcing me to become a much stronger climber. So, here are a few photos to show off!


We then found this road that has statues along it. It’s a very weird and wonderful road. The statues are of all sorts of things, as you will see but with all the colors around it was a very enjoyable walk.

climbing-047.jpgclimbing-050.jpgclimbing-051.jpg These would be a little scary if you came across them on a moonlit night!

These next two really made me laugh. Hey, think I could find some like it to put in mum and dad’s garden?


 Now these next few gave us a bit of a shock. Everything seems so peaceful and cute and then……… (beware, adults only!!!)

climbing-055.jpgLook closely here. Each child has a boob. One in front and the other slung over the shoulder!

These stones look innocent…..climbing-056.jpg until you take a closer look…

climbing-059.jpg..each one is a different kama sutra position!

And finally this one, that probably gave us the most unexpected laughs. climbing-064.jpg

But I don’t want you to think it’s all like this. We aren’t in Penis Park after all (true place in Korea). So, I’ll leave you with some beautiful images from the day.


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