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I found some really nice photos of spring. Of course the colors are never as vibrant in a photo as they are in front of me.



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Almost there……

They keep telling me here that seasons change overnight. This was certainly true when it came to winter but I just don’t believe it about spring. One day it’s warm in the 60’s and the next it is in the 40’s again. It seems that the trees are opening one at a time, rationing themselves through the weeks. We went hiking on Sunday and found some beautiful areas along the trail. While there is still a ton of brown (Korea has no evergreens), the blossoms are trying to peek through.

spring-2007-006.jpgspring-2007-011.jpgThere are whole sections of the forest that are brown and then all of a sudden a huge tree full of white blossoms appears.

Of course while hiking, you will suddenly come across bunkers, helicopter pads and what look like areas to hide and shoot people from. (I’m sure there is a much more technical word than this but my brain isn’t working this early in the morning). It definitely reminds you that you are still right against an extremely hostile border.


spring-2007-014.jpgNow in this photo we’re going to play ‘find the Korean’. You may just be able to see a little lady in the trees bending down. One of the little oddities about korea is that most of the women are foragers. Even in a huge city like this where there are all kinds of grocery store, the women will still head into the forests on the weekends with a bag and a small shovel. They dig up weeds and flower roots to use in their cooking. If anyone has ever had bibimbap, it contains a large number of flower roots which these ladies love to go out and hunt for. It’s really amusing- the ladies in their little black tights and gloves, always wearing a visor will just appear in the bushes as if from nowhere .

The other reason I am desperate for it to get warm again is for climbing season. I am headed to Thailand for a large part of my summer and plan on doing some good climbing by Chiang Mai and Karabe. So, I need to get in shape. Yesterday Marshall and I braved the chill (wrapped in long underwear, scarves and gloves) and headed to the mountain. My knees are covered in bruises but it was absolutely worth it!

spring-2007-016.jpgThe area where we climbed. Apparently there are frequently deer and wild boar traipsing by here.

spring-2007-021.jpgCome on! That looks impressive doesn’t it?

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Spring Time!

It’s finally becoming spring! Cherry blossoms are out, as well as magnolias, dogwoods and a ton of other beautiful blossoms that I don’t know. This weekend there is a big cherry blossom parade down by the river so hopefully the rain will stop and I will be able to get some beautiful photos to put on here.

Things have been pretty busy since spring break. Only 8 weeks left of school now! I am busy planning my summer vacation which is really exciting. It looks like a lot of my time will be spent in Thailand – climbing, a motorcycle tour, a friends wedding. But I will also stop over in Scotland and Italy. So much to do! Lindy is getting married in Minnesota in July and I will hopefully make it but I’m waiting for prices to drop right now. Of course if I don’t make it to the states this summer, I really hope that I will get some visitors out this way. Anyone want to meet me in Thailand!!!!

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