So, who are these guys anyway?

September 22, 2006 lizzie

Now for your introduction to the two people that I spend the most time with – Lindy and Leah. Cue the cheesy pageant music…….

from-leahs-camera-009.JPGNow this lovely young lady is Leah. As a laid back vegetarian from Michigan, Leah enjoys snowboarding, reggae music, peanut butter, illicit substances in Thailand, and international travel. SIS is her first international posting but her 3rd year of teaching. She currently teaches Kindergarten. She loves the cheesy, and slightly tacky aspect of Korean dollar store shopping (see above) and her one wish for her life is World Peace. (She has a very strong hippie-ish sense of community and ‘just getting along’). Recently, she has been branching out from her vegetarian background and was last seen eating fried chicken off the street stall. As well as meat, she has also recently taken up rock climbing and is immensely proud of her new found bruises (as evidenced below). Leah has a strong tie to her past, as shown by the 6 week old eggs and milk in her fridge. On a recent night out, she was recently heard to say “I didn’t realise I had to give a rim job to get my shot” (the shot in question being a blow job).


from-leahs-camera-127.JPGOur second participant is young Lindy from Winona, Minnesota who was lucky enough to meet Lizzie at the job fair in Iowa in February. Lindy enjoys good wine, good food, naming random items in her house, and watching countless reruns of Anchorman and Zoolander. When she’s not teaching Reading to middle schoolers (which in fact can be quite a bit of her day), she can be found brushing her teeth, napping or chatting on the phone to her beloved beau from back home, Noel. Despite this relatively quiet sounding existence, many wild things are known to happen around her (please see photo below). Her one wish in life is to look back on her life and feel she has accomplished all she could. That, and eat cheese. Recently, she has shown herself to be a huge 80’s music fan and was last seen dancing naked to Blondie.


And now for some beautiful shots of the both of them:



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  • 1. Um, Miss Lindy's gentlema&hellip  | 

    Miss Lizzie, why is my beautiful baby, Lindy, wearing what appears to be a bra, while another gentleman–NOT ME!–has his trousers dropped in front of her? Please explain, Miss Lizzie!


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