Random thoughts from the Land of the Morning Calm

September 22, 2006 lizzie

1) the bugs here are cool! They are huge and terrifying and make me scream every time I find one on my balcony unexpectedly but, they are still really interesting. There are praying mantis (manti?) everywhere. They are really big and are never moving but that only makes them good at photo opportunities. Now, if I can only find my photo…..

2) little things surprise you. You think you know about ramen noodles – the packs look the same, it should be easy to figure out. Then you open it……and find clams. You also find lots of little packets. Sometimes these packets are dried vegetables and spices, other times it is straight hot pepper powder. It really becomes a gamble as to which one you get. Not many people are lucky enough to have each dinner be a complete surprise!


3) The lights of New York are nothing compared to this. The city here glows! For every building that has a shop front, there are usually 4 floors above that have shops or restaurants and 3 floors below ground with shops and restaurants. And all of these are going to advertise in bright neon on the front of the buildings.


4) They can’t actually speak English! Despite the many people who speak konglish, when it comes to signs and t-shirt slogans, noone has a clue. This store is called “Ringerie” (sorry the pole is in front of the sign) Can you figure out what type of store that is? Answer: email me with your guess and I’ll tell you if you’re right. Ha ha ha!    The best store though is right opposite. It is basically a  beauty product store called “Make yourself fucking lovely” aahh! Priceless! As for T-shirts, here are our top choices:

“I feel happiness when I eat a him”                 “I’m and ass man”

5) We went to a pub in Itaewon. I know they were attempting the whole English pub idea but with this poster, I’m really not sure if they got it spot on or really off base. What do you think?


6)Koreans love dogs. And no, not just to eat. Normally when you walk through the streets, no one looks at you or pays you any attention. You are pretty much invisible. But, get a dog……suddenly you are a super star. I was dog sitting for a dog called Caddie and we went for a walk. Kids were stopping to say hi, adults were stopping to comment and everyone smiled at me. I loved it! I wish I had Minnie here. Although, look at these photos of Caddie and you will see just why I love babysitting him so much.

from-leahs-camera-159.JPGfrom-leahs-camera-160.JPGLook like anyone we know???

7) The mountains here are beautiful. This is the land of the morning calm but the sunsets are stunning. Now, granted I haven’t been awake early enough to compare the sunrises but if the sunsets are anything to go by, they have to be amazing. Everywhere you look there are trees. Despite being in this major metropolis, there is green everywhere. Little parks, tree lined streets and the forests on the mountains overshadowing everything. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo I like enough yet to post. I’ll keep trying.


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